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Colin Rennie - Creative lives

Colin Rennie is a successful glass artist and lead tutor at the University of Sunderland. His inspiration comes from natural organic forms and nature programmes have been a huge influence on his drawings and work.

During his talk I felt empathy towards Colin when he opened up about his personal struggles, dyslexia being one and also the beginnings of his career. He did not enjoy selling himself to get work and to get noticed in the glass world and would find the quality of his work drop. That must of been quite hard for him to admit and was a powerful thing to say that it sapped his sole.

I like the subjects that inspire his work and I really enjoyed seeing his enthusiasm and excitement for what he does for a living. I found his presentation really engaging he speaks a lot with his hands and several times he made the audience laugh and that made him and his presentation memorable.

His speech was powerful and emotive and his explanations were clear and easy to understand. I also found that he was not afraid to admit mistakes he has made and lessons he has learnt on his journey so far.

I admire his ambition and he inspires you to delve into the digital world of 3D modelling in art. But above all he seems to really enjoy his work constantly evolving as an artist and that seems to be most important factor and I totally believe in this ambitious approach.

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