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Glass Artist Alexandra Carr - Connecting Art with Science

Alexander Carr is a successful ARTIST specializing in installations, drawings, photography and videos.

She is fascinated and drawn into scientific experimentation in her work including atoms, light, sound, physics and movement.

Her work was really intriguing and unique and delved deep into the complex world of physics and mathematics with mixed media to create her transience and kinetic works.

I also found quite interesting the idea that people miss her art and sometimes miss the point of it.

She has come from a ceramic background and has returned to her roots several times in her career with her father being a maker. She is now concentrating more on collaborations particularly with scientists. Although it was fascinating work at times I found her explanations hard to follow and the way she explained her methods still left me baffled.

She presented well with a soft gentle manner, but possibly lacking enthusiasm leaving her voice sounding quite monotone which could have been down to nerves. I also felt that with the complexity of the subject of her work it could be open to misinterpretation and she did not always engage with the audience fully.

The videos and slides showed her work practices and methodology but I found on a couple of the photographs I was struggling to see her finished projects in situ particularly her work from the Church ceiling.

Although her art is not the field I am interested in I am excited to see her new projects and collaborations, particularly the new ventures sculpting with ice and light.

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